Lotion Applicator

Do My Back is designed for you to easily and thoroughly apply sunscreen, self tanner, moisturizer or shower gel to your own back or other tough to reach spots with ease and style.

Simply pour your lotion directly onto the pad, and do your back! The  ergonomic  feel, extendable handle, and unique swivel movement of the head make it easy and comfortable to reach every part of your back...and your arms and legs too!  Do My Back has been designed use folded and unfolded, giving you the easiest, most thorough, fluid, and clean application. It is the  perfect addition to your beach, pool, spa, or bath experience. 

- Includes one Do My Back applicator in shimmer blue
  with green handle, and 4 reusable green foam pads
- Pad attaches directly to Do My Back
- Can be used folded or unfolded

Care Instructions
- Hand rinse pads in warm water after each lotion
  application and allow to dry naturally before reusing
- Your applicator can be rinsed in warm water and dried
  with a towel or cloth

Do My Back is patented and has patents pending

Price: $22.00

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